Let’s begin with an assessment of the symptoms that nudged me towards seeking inpatient services at Kaseman. The rapid bipolar cycling is noticeably more mellow, and the overwhelming physical and mental waves of distress, paranoia. and panic have abated as well. It’s still there, and being managed.

Now let’s move to what’s happening geographically here at Kaseman. Last night there wasn’t time for the psych liason to see me, and I was first moved to the Behavioral Health ER room, and then around about 1 AM I was moved to the ER waiting area where I kicked it for ten hours after being munched on by a rattlesnake. Boring! And now I’m back to the BHER room awaiting the psych liason. Razzie’s here and we’re napping. Yay! My fave teddy bear.

I’ve been here since around 7 PM last night. I’ll probably send the soup back as for certain it’s cold by now.

So what happened? My bipolar symptoms are beimg triggered by not having a good WRAP in place for PTSD. My therapist Diane is encouraging me to speak honestly and bluntly about how PTSD is now so disruptive in my life. My ex-wife. And Paula Burton, my colleague at MHRAC, when she attacked me verbally and physically at MHRAC, PTSD symptoms so severe are now unavoidably triggerering bipolar symptoms. Bummer. Gotta learn more skills to help avoid this type of crisis. I’m equal to the task.

And here I am, after rapiWAd cycling, after thoughts and plans, anticipating my chat with liason, to detrmine if inpatient services are right for me.

That’s today’s report. My recovery journey continues.

PS I’ve been jotting down a lot of potential jokes.

PPS Let’s get Laugh It Off inpatient for Kaseman peers. Lend a hand.

PPPS Any typos are because I’ve got big fingers and I’m composing this on my phone, Razzie brought to me in Limbo.

PPPPS It’s empowering stating names and happenings that triggered the PTSD last year. Diane wss blunt with her guidance. Oxygen mask on me first. Then, “If Paula doesn’t want you writing about what is important in your recovery journey, she shouldn’thave attacked you.” That I have several peer witnesses and they are also encouraging me to reimpower myself feels great.

Peace out, much love.