For two days I’ve had a childish prankster incessantly pound on my door and incessantly ring the doorbell. Working late into the night as I have been, this childish prankster is supremely annoying, because the second time it happened I dragged my bum out of bed from my deep seroquel-soaked slumber and the prankster ran off to a car waiting at the end of my driveway and they escaped before I could get the plate number.

My buddy and I rigged up a scheme to thwart this disturbance that must violate some city ordinance – the disturbance, not our scheme – but who’s got the time for it. I can post a no trespassing sign and New Mexico statute states the first intrusion is a freebie and after that I can call the cops (sigh… I didn’t do a good enough job training them… there continues to be bullies in their ranks) and they will be arrested.

I’ll report back. Really, what kind of adult does this? Might be someone spurned but I typically have mature, adult, and decisive endings where everyone walks away with no issues.