A repost from Facebook Memories that is every bit germane and relevant today. Racism must fade to nothing. Originally posted September 23, 2020.

Need evidence the Legacy Media sees skin color first and only after the individual?

“Jacob BLACK” and not “Jacob Blake.”

You might be tempted to say “It’s an honest slip” or “Autocorrect did it.” But that’s limp. It’s like screaming out another lady’s name during intercourse or autocorrect choosing “fuck” instead of “duck.”

In the first instance, this other lady is on your mind so close to the surface you forget who it is you’re with and what her name is. And in the second instance, you type the word “fuck” so frequently autocorrect just assumes “duck” is a typo.

Same with “Jacob BLACK.” That black skin color is such a lasered in focus of the daily news cycle “black” is what comes naturally to mind first, not “Blake.” Or “black” is used so frequently autocorrect rudely dismisses that the paralyzed man is named “Jacob BLAKE.”

This is so blatant of a reveal that if you make a go at a reasoned excuse you’ll be betraying a similar bias in yourself. Step kindly here. I still respect you and your thoughts.

In any case, this is really pathetic. Legacy Media sees skin color and not the person. They’re more interested in their contrived Victim Class Checklist. For me? A man is paralyzed and I hope it’s for now and not forever.

Legacy Media. Whatever.