Recently, my professionalism (in the behavioral health arena) was questioned and in one instance outright challenged, in part because of the intended purpose of Thoughtcrimes. Because the message is apparently lost on some, let me explain again what I am doing with my site.

Thoughtcrimes is my venue to share my peer experience. It is real, it is transparent, and it is using my life experiences to connect with other peers while simultaneously educating Muggles as what it’s like to deal with mental health symptoms.

There are times where what I feel is worthwhile to share with the interwebs might be uncomfortable for some. Their discomfort is secondary to my recovery journey, so I won’t censor myself to spare someone’s feelings. There aren’t intentions to bruise a tender ego here and there, and to partly assure this when necessary I will redact and individual’s names from my blog, although only when it doesn’t interfere with the message or purpose of the article.

I’m not an apologist for myself, and I take accolades in the same scale as scoldings. What I will offer is if my blog upsets you, and you are a peer, and if you are a Muggle, just don’t read the blog. It’s worth it to give this a pass. It’s my recovery journey, not yours, and it’s ludicrous to sacrifice your own wellness just to read the vomited rainbows on this site.

Happy holidays!