My kid and I had a conversation about the current election a few weeks back. His first memorable election was Bush-Gore in 2000. During our talk, he was concerned Trump would block the after-election recount. Having grown up with so many immediate premeditated legal actions to reverse the results of fair elections by the losing party, he believed that recounts are a natural constitutional inclusion of all elections. We vote, electors cast, a winner is named, and the losing party sues.

I never considered how the pouty sour grapes beginning with the Bush-Gore election would adversely affect my kid’s understanding of constitutional elections. Add to this abusing the authority of the House of Representatives to attempt to undo a fair election, and we’ve engineered a bogus election dynamic that has nothing to do with constitutional law. And our younger generations, exposed only to recounts and impeachment, have no real understanding of how elections are intended to occur.

We’ve raised now-young adults who don’t know the security and surity of an election. When a person is elected POTUS, it is conditional by default.

Good job, America. It all began with hanging chads. Good job, America. I’ll continue to help my son understand what the misdeeds, misinformation, and misconduct of losing an election has robbed him of.

Might I suggest all parents of young adult voters take time to teach recounts and impeachment are NOT how elections are conducted?

Really. We’ve raised a generation who thinks elections are like the kids on the playground who keep changing the rules of “tag” until they win.