It’s going to get trotted out that “Banning guns will stop the violence!” But when has a nationwide ban ever worked in our country? We have two embarrassing stains in our Constitution, one to ban alcohol and one to say “Whoops!” Telling Americans they can’t do something makes us want to do it more.

And get with the 2020s, ban-fans. You can literally print a gun at home. No machine shop needed. What does a gun ban do except send up a fossil virtue signal from 1976?

Want to end gun violence?

Stop making gun violence sexy. I adore Keanu Reeves. He’s a genuinely real life great guy. And he’s a great entertainer. But he’s got two franchises making gun violence sexy. Why are there four movies about avenging a puppy? Heads up, Woke Hollywood. This means you specifically.

Stop giving the next shooter the assurance they’ll be glorified in press. How many “Get to know the TN shooter” articles are already slathered all over the media outlets today? Who cares? We don’t need to know about the childhood of a monster. Heads up, Legacy Media. This means you specifically.

And stop dredging up massacres as historic entertainment, of the ilk “What are the families of the Sandy Hook victims up to today?” Again, Legacy Media, heads up. You filthy terror peddlers.

I’m not a gamer but word has it there are gun violence training programs out there disguised as video game entertainment. Heads up … heads up every nimrodic entity that turns massacres into entertainment and heads up every irresponsible agency giving marginalized and bullied adolescents a sure way to get what they’re starved for:

Attention and recognition.

Want to end gun violence? Instead of the blathering the tired worn out rhetorical cliche of “gotta ban those guns,” advocate for something real that strikes at the core of these massacres. Hold Hollywood, legacy media, and game developers accountable and responsible for creating a culture where violence is healthy and getting even is cool.

Want to end gun violence? Do your part in denouncing Hollywood, legacy media, and game developers who desensitize Americans to gun violence and who make revenge an admirable and heroic option in conflict resolution.

Banning guns? It’s a screen door on a submarine.

That’s enough from me.