My sis, Sarah, was telling me horrific tales of how 15 year olds on the internet can effectively and completely destroy an adult’s career, citing what happened to James Gunn and the tweet he posted over a decade ago. The internet is forever and it’s easy to dredge up something you felt years ago, and now with a decade’s wisdom in tow, you don’t feel the same today. It doesn’t matter, said Sarah. The internet was not created for cat videos and porn. It was created to lend ease in taking things out of context for the Politically Correct Machine.

Sarah worries about Thoughtcrimes as we move forward with Stand Up To Stigma, not because she feels like I’m posting nefarioius content of a Rosanne-caliber brainlessness. She is concerned about my good words and pure intentions (I’m so Disney-Princess-Material) being taken out of context to discredit and/or destroy my dreams.

So, in a preemptively meta move, I say this:

Please feel welcome to take anything you find on here at Thoughtcrimes completely out of context and fabricate anything you need to fulfill your twisted agenda.

Dr. Chris Morris pulled me aside at Behavioral Health Day in Santa Fe many years back and said, “Steve, you’re making people in the behavioral health community mad. Why do you think that is?”

My reply was, “I know I am, Dr. Morris. I haven’t gone after anyone personally. I speak what I feel people need to hear about the peer experience so they can make the best choices for legislation, policy, and services. But I don’t think I’m doing anything mean or disrespectful.”

Chris agreed. “Steve, you’ve always been 100% transparent with who you are, what you believe, and how you seek to help make the lives of other peers better. Why would anyone be angry about that? It’s simple, Steve. You either are threatening their power or their money, and most often you’re doing both.”

This is a topic to explore in much greater detail at another time. Nancy at DRNM needs a spanking, as do Rick and Danny at MHRAC. Robert, Betty, Paula, and Mary at NAMI have a spanking with their name on it as well. Reckoning, thy name be Thoughtcrimes. Or, consider this impending accountability.

Until that day of directed exploration, know this:

NOTHING on Thoughtcrimes is engineered hatred or purposely disrespectful. I’m honest in who I am and what I am, and I’m 100% transparent in my quest to help peers help themselves to live a quality life. I always have been.

Taking anything here out of context . . . you’re just going to end up being a bully. What’s wrong with someone (me) who does not seek power, and instead cultivates influence? I’m talking about me (me), by the by (me).

I had several ideas for articles whilst writing this.

Tentative titles:

1.) The Danger Pet Peers Pose to Important Issues
2.) Peers as Window Dressing: Be a Strong Peer Voice, But Not Too Strong
3.) The Unintended and Hilarious Hypocrisy of DRNM
4.) “Helping Families In Crisis” Act is a Triumph for NAMI . . . and not peers
5.) No One Starts Out in Peer Advocacy with Aspirations of Being a Used Tampon
6.) You made several key errors, not least of which is I don’t like bullies in any form, and I especially don’t like liars

Paula attacking me at MHRAC is real. It’s not a fairy tale. I’ve learned skills to counterbalance the hurt. I refuse to be a peer victim like so many peer victims. I’m feeling snarky, which means I feel better. I’m back and accountability is my currency. I’m feeling in such a bright way once again. The lack of accountability is killing me. Baby baby, I’m in a spending spree mood.

Paula attacking me at MHRAC is […] a fairy tale. I’ve learned skills to […] hurt […] peer victims […] which means I feel better. I’m back […] and […] I’m feeling in […] a […] killing […] spree mood.

There. That’s how you take things out of context. You’re welcome.