I wish (politician I loathe) would get COVID-19 and die.

Pelosi is a political obstructionist who I feel uses her position of leadership to settle a playground scuffle at the expense of American confidence.

I don’t want her to contract C19 and die. She is a human being with loved ones who care for her and she for them. C19 is painful and dehumanizing.

I strongly disagree with her policies, actions, and essentially every word that she says. Still, if I want her out of office, I’ll strenuously request of my California friends to vote her out office. It’s inhumane wishing for a disease and subsequent death to do the job for me.

This disturbing trend of allowing political ire to overwhelm one’s humanity is upsetting. It’s shameful and un-American.

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  1. Derek

    This is why an Independent such as yourself is much better than a Democrat because they seem happy to announce that they wish Republicans would drink bleach and die

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