Dear Hollywoke,

If we capitulate that we are indeed phobic, hateful, opposed to change, and despise subverting expectations; and if we acknowledge it’s our immutable bigotry that’s at fault for box office bombs like Bros, Strange World, Lightyear, The Marvels, Wish, and Dial of Destiny; and if we always steadfastly reject your woke DEI product like the snowflakes we are; and if we refuse to change even in the slightest;

And if we agree all of this makes us just the worst type of inexcusably horrible people;

Will this be enough to convince you to jettison your “movies made for modern audiences to reflect the world we live in today” and return to making movies Americans want to see reflecting traditional American values? I hope so because until then our intolerant butts will not be in theater seats and our anti-, -phobic, and -ist wallets will remain tightly closed. It’s up to you, misguided Hollywoke, whether you like money more than pushing The Message.

We bigots are so stubborn. Yet, we bigots are so easy to please. Resist succumbing to the progressive agenda and just make movies with compelling characters and enjoyable stories and you’ll have our support (money).