Here’s an interesting revelation associated with this meme I posted earlier. While I mentioned aesthetics AND charisma in the text, some focused on aesthetics only and posted (independently) the same young photo of Elon with thinning hair, questioning the “genetic jackpot” of Elon because of his thinning hair. “Not that he’s ugly but he was going bald” is the paraphrase.

No secret, I’m bald. It started when I was still in college, so early 20s. I was shedding all over the dorm room like a Siberian husky trapped in tanning bed on the surface of the sun. No secret, I’ve not had hair restoration like Elon. And thus far, I’ve not had any difficulty connecting romantically, pre-balding AND post-balding. Nor have opportunities slipped away from me because it was determined “Steve’s surely highly capable, it’s too bad about the missing follicles.”

I won’t rest upon that thanks to Bruce Willis baldness became mainstream sexy sexy sexy. I will comment that notably Elon’s innate jackpot charisma wasn’t challenged and it was a prior version of Elon’s external appearance used to diminish his genetic lottery winner status. To some, baldness is a genetic defect is how I perceive this.

My experience is this is a fossilized stigma unknown in our current world.

So perhaps once upon an archaic time baldness was considered an uglifying factor in male aesthetics, or maybe just an “also ran” factoring. Today, this isn’t a mainstream sentiment. Thank you, Bruce, for smoothing out this judgy paradigm. What hasn’t changed is mad charisma skills carry the day more often than not, and on the basis of tech billionaire charismatic fortitude, Elon Musk still has the winning ticket.

And, the point of the meme is a relative comparison of Elon, Mark, Bill, and Jeff. Unquestioned, Elon is no Bruce the Adonis, by that comparison. But comparatively in the presented four person subset of humanity … c’mon. The photos are right there. And we’ve all heard and seen their personalities in public presence. C’mon.

We’ll never know with any verifiability how a bald Elon might be perceived aesthetically. Unless baldness is truly a genetic detriment to aesthetics we’ll never know at large. Really, it’s a non-issue by my reckoning, and I’ve got the personal empiricism to back my claim. Not that Elon is hideous to behold with one’s eyes or anything, as it was pointed out yet qualified by “follicle enhancement.” I’m not too hideous to behold, either, or so ladies have assured me by action if not word.

By all appearances Elon does quite well for himself, what with 11 kids to his name. Is the contention a bald Elon would have fewer children? Are the children he has dependent upon follicle enhancement? Perhaps only if genetic baldness is evidence of compromised DNA.

As social epiphanies go, this is passing curiosity more than unavoidable earth splitting tectonics. Interesting is all it is.