Two masks now. I’m reminded of last year when a lass told me the only way we’ll get past all the masks and mandates is to comply with the governor’s forced restrictions. I offered that in my experience once a government entity levies and enforces a restriction, that forced order is never rescinded, citing my time in environmental geology and federal land management. She insisted I was wrong and further scolded that if I or anyone else ruined her chances at going to a movie theater by not complying, well, she would be powerful cross with these renegade offenders.

So I offered one last observation.

By her reasoning, the sooner we give up our rights, the sooner we get them back.

That sounds like something a dumb person would believe.

Of note, this lass was using the word “comply” back when gubernatorial forced orders were still called “government guidelines.” Politicians adore complacency and adherence without having to ask first.