I’ve been interchangeably using “realization” and “epiphany” in many recent articles, and I’ve been called to task by my buddy Russ for using the words “realization” and “epiphany” so flippantly and irresponsibly. Whatever. Russ needs a new hobby.

It was a good question, though. Are “realization” and “epiphany” completely equitable synonyms, or is there a separation that is more than splitting my nonexistent hairs? Good question from Russ, who really needs a hobby that’s more fulfilling than commenting on my life. Really, Russ. Get a new hobby.

And here is a good answer. For me, there is a noteworthy difference upon reflection.


A realization is arrived at WITH prior insight and consideration.

An epiphany is arrived at WITHOUT prior insight and consideration.

There. Russ, go get a hobby that befits a man of your age. I’m not your hobby. Take up bird watching or freelance proctology. Stop commenting upon my life, you creepy-ass stalker.