I’m not going to even try to hide it, because I’ve not tried to hide it ever. I fell hard for Clare. And we were happy. And I’ve got a lot of happy memories in stories, thoughts, and photos. Some are tender and loving (most) and some are rough and raw (necessary).

And I want to share these. Because as Clare said to me, “I’ve never really been happy until I met you. It’s like a reset button.”

Many in her life never knew the Clare I knew. I want to share this with them, and I want to share this with those who never had the joy and pleasure of knowing her even a little.

If you haven’t gotten the point just yet, let me state it plainly.

I love Clare and always will. So I do this to keep her alive in my heart. Maybe the same for others.

This is a special page for Clarissa “Clare” Nina Castellano where I will upload photos from our time together, and the stories that tell of our seven months together.

It sucks hard that she passed away so young. These memories and photos shouldn’t die with her.


DBSA Albuquerque Memorial to Clare Clarissa Nina Castellano