You are living in the country with the worst record of dealing with Covid-19 in the world. I can’t believe that you have such lacksadaisical attitude towards living during a pandemic. No wonder you live in a country without proper healthcare. What government in their right mind would want to provide healthcare to people who behave like hillbillies during a pandemic?

Cynthia Robson, try as I might, fact checking how hillbillies have historically reacted to a pandemic continues to evade my keenly penetrative sleuthing.

I suspect I might be chasing a phantom that haunts the wastelands betwixt comical conjecture and obscure hyperbole. Yet, I cannot rest whilst my fellow hillbillies go without the cherished gift of government-managed healthcare. We must learn from our sordid past lest die from a disease that hovers around a 1% death rate. How frustrating this is.