The more I listen to the thoughts, ideals, and goals of advocacy groups – really listen – what I’m hearing is not about realistic equality. It’s not about the equality of rights or even the equality of acceptance. The intent is to guarantee the equality of outcome, an impossible task because all resources are scarce and unevenly distributed by nature. This includes talent and opportunity.

I’d love to live the life of a rich pro athlete, paid millions each year for being incredibly skilled at throwing a ball, but I lack the talent to do so. This outcome is impossible. And, there is most likely someone living in the Andes who has the natural talent to be a millionaire pro athlete, but not being born in the US of A provided no opportunity to learn this. This outcome is also impossible.

The reality is no matter how strongly equality of outcome is demanded, it’s simply impossible to achieve. Inherently, talent and opportunity are not equal, and talent and opportunity cannot be mandated and regulated. Some people will always be more equal than others.