You know, blogging the past few days has been exceptionally helpful in keeping me grounded, and a solid grounding is something I’ve been lacking for such a time so long and fruitless.

Here’s some fruitfulness. I’ve got some verses (need two more) and the choruses (two of them, and solid). This is turning out to be one of the better tunes I’ve written. It’s your heart, it’s your core.

From the first lyrical purging (prior blog), there’s a definite progression squeezing out with sense and structure. Compare and contrast, Eartlets.

Inking a smooth transition is tougher. And I still need a good middle eight.

Tiffy, you share with me songs of meaning. Switched up, I write a song with meaning for you.

Lyrics attached to YouTube vids for you, Earthlets. It’s pushing through some significant symptoms to post this, y’all… and this is good for me, y’all.

Verse Vid & Lyrics

Avoidable is it really
No surprise it still gets me down
Just counting all the footsteps as I trudge this town

How hollow is the meaning
No, you probably won’t see me ’round
Got windows staring through me as I cross this town

Chorus Vid & Lyrics

Nearly sick to death with every breath
Marching to reverse drumming
Hiding loud beneath every crowd
To my second, third, forthcoming

Evening falls to petty brawls
With every yawn it draws nearer
Morning breaks is all it takes
For the trial in my mirror