You ask if I love you, but what can I say, you know that I do and if this is just one of those games that we play

So I sing you a new song, please don’t cry anymore, I ask your forgiveness though I don’t know just what I’m asking it for…

Blurting out some Thompson Twins lyrics from childhood days of yore and legwarmers – it was bitterly cold in SoCal and thusly all girls wore legwarmers, even with their shorts and skorts and skirts in the midst of a toasty August day – isn’t really helping me move towards any particular point so “Hold Me Now” is a good enough sentiment from where to start, since it does lyrically fit the template of my aching heart.

Hey, that was almost like 80s lyrics, “Lyrically fit the template of my aching heart.” Let’s go with that. I’ve been spouting some thoughts and words lately that are also puzzle pieces for the template of my heart… blech.

Look, I’m songwriting again and it’s been so many years since I’ve done so. I’ve got Josie out and the old DX7, midi’d into my PC, and turns and tunes are flowing.

Today, though, rather than the notes, I’m going to share snippets of words that are working their way into the finished song. Words and music by Steve. And today only the words fitting of the peer experience. My experience. Right now. Today.

Inspiration comes with clarification.

You share songs with meaning. This is a song with meaning written for you.


An empty room filled with light bulb
Alone and free from harm
And when they light me a fire
There’s not any warmth

Strength and strain clear room for fear
Morning breaks is all it takes
For the trial in my mirror

Nearly sick to death with every breath
Wasted marching to reverse drumming

When did longing turn to needing
Opening every secret wound I’m bleeding

Shattered shards stand revealing
Nighttime falls in petty brawls
Tried for concealing and appealing

Middle 8? Outro? I decided to do notes and words ‘cuz I got this down as it’s in my head. Vid to follow.

Avoidable is it really
No surprise it still gets me down
Just counting all the footsteps as I trudge this town
How hollow is the meaning
No, you probably won’t see me ’round
Got windows staring through me as I cross this town

First “me singing a song I wrote posted to Facebook/YouTube moment”… yikes.

– Pour nous, mes amis Sara et Ryan.
– Pour ma Tiffy, j’aime toi toujours et pour toujours.