What happened in Orlando is the epitome of human evil. This sort of evil must have a reason behind it, and there must something to blame for this evil.

For me, it’s not about guns or religion or hate or mental illness or sexual preference. It’s about a single person who never learned the precious worth of human life.

It’s a public sentiment that the fool in Florida represents Islam and this is evidence all Muslims want to murder all non-Muslims, that he is a homophobe and eradicates gays because they are homosexual, that he is mentally ill and because of this he is naturally violent just like every person with a mental illness.

The fool was a single person. It’s a human tendency to assign blame categorically, and yes, there are murders with ISIS, there are monsters who hate gays, there are violent people with mental illness. These people are a minority population, representing only themselves, that share the mere commonality of a complete absence of compassion, respect, and love of human life.

Yet, and most importantly, each of these fools is an individual person with an individual rational who made an individual choice to murder. It was not ISIS and it was not Westboro Baptist Church. It was a single person who never learned the precious worth of human life.

Christian Nestell Bovee said of misanthropes words that I feel apply to categorical blame. Let me share this with you.

The opinions of the misanthropical rest upon this very partial basis, that they adopt the bad faith of a few as evidence of the worthlessness of all.

As we mourn the senseless loss of so many in Orlando, I will remember it was the diseased choice of a single person that caused this heartache, and there is not any culture or community to blame. I feel to do so only perpetuates, expands, and validates the malignance of this single person so consumed by a hatred all his own.