It was only one hour past that I shared on STC (Steve’s Thoughtcrimes… the acronym will stick!) that I’ll be forgoing posting random thoughts to Facebook and move them here to STC instead. Archiving future yuk yuks was the excuse, and it’s a good enough excuse for me.

Spooky spooky spooky that Facebook just hit me with an unsolicited message “Sorgensen, here’s a moment from 1 year ago we thought you might like to look back on.”

One year ago I was in Paradox Valley. That is a photo of Paradox Valley that Facebook is sharing with me that I posted to Facebook one year ago.

One hour ago I proclaimed Facebook is no longer the repository of my random proto-stand up thoughts, and STC is now the proud recipient of these thoughts. One hour ago.

And now Facebook is letting me know that it knows. Get out of my head, Mark Zuckerberg!

Anyhow, here’s some “proof of concept” random thoughts posted to Facebook one year-ish ago that you’ll be seeing with greater frequency here.

“Love pentagon, the romantic downfall of many a polygamist.”

“Big scare tonight… I totally freaked that I was getting a personal message from Beelzebub on my Ouija board… Bigger scare… It was a text from my ex-wife! Yikes!”

“Something I really like about pet cats is you only have to feed them once every other month.”

“Braille road signs. That is all.”

“A goodly gal pal o’ mine shared Siobhan looks like Lindsay Lohan. Sadly, I typed this post and the ‘word predictor’ suggested ‘Lohan’ as the follow up word to ‘Lindsay,’ made all the sadder considering I’ve never typed either ‘Lindsay’ or ‘Lohan’ into this device previously.”