I want to make a point very clear. Above all the noise and static of the “Don’t Vote for Trump” faithless elector frenzy, I also wanted to see a faithless elector tempest (recusing the electoral vote, not flipping candidates), although not for the reason of changing the election win for President Trump to Secretary Clinton. I had a different motivation, and it has to with US of A civics.

In my lifetime, I wanted to see a presidential election decided by our senate.

What, you say? Go read our Constitution. It’s pretty cool.

Sadly, when the election turned for candidate Trump and it was becoming more and more likely and then more and more apparent we would soon have a President Trump by a wide margin (it needed to be close in electoral votes), my dream of a “throw it to the senate” election died whilst I watched the shocked faces of the newscasters on PBS (I figured I would watch one extreme or the other news source… PBS won out). This was going to be the election if there ever my dream was to come true. Drats.

In my lifetime, I was treated to an honest to gawd impeachment… thank you Monica, Bill, and Kenneth. So, it was not such a pipe dream that perhaps a faithless elector-driven election turn might be a reality. Not so. Drats, again.

Jefferson… J.Q. Adams… it’s happened previously in our country’s history. I was born in the wrong century. Drats, yet again.

Prepare for a fun four years, America. He can’t mess up any worse than any of our other recent POTUSes.