It is not for me to “reply all” to this (NAMI New Mexico) mailing list. I will HIGHLY encourage you to share this article to this list as well:

The Murphy Bill, HR 2646 — a Heinous Piece of Legislation — is Coming to a Vote. Act Now.

I wanted to wait to see what the NAMI National response would be to The Murphy Law (H.B. 2646), and I do not believe the NAMI National press release truly reflects serious considerations and reservations many in the peer population share about the language and intent of H.B. 2646. This article is very adept at outlining the majority of these considerations and reservations.

I strongly believe that peers who participate in NAMI peer signature programs, on NAMI boards, and with NAMI volunteer projects should have a well-rounded exposure to the meaning and ramifications of H.B. 2646 and related legislation. Admittedly, Ms. Marsh’s article definitely has a bias, although as stated, it is very much in line with peer bias and peer frustrations when it comes to legislation of this sort.

In many of the ways outlined in Ms. Marsh’s article, this is why as a (former) peer board member of NAMI Albuquerque I chose not to hold New Mexico AOT peer focus groups as the bill moved through our state legislature, most notably the lack of peer representation and advisory capacity on a law that affects peers directly. Peers MUST be at the table from the very start to ensure legislation accurately presents peer needs, for after all, we are the individuals who are directly affected by these laws every second of every day.

I recommend incredibly strongly that NAMI New Mexico take the lead in holding peer education events to objectively review legislative bills, and including peers in NAMI New Mexico policy decisions and NAMI New Mexico public relations releases, such as with our own New Mexico AOT statute and the federal level Murphy’s Law. I have difficulty accepting the press release from NAMI National truly represents peer inclusion, and it is responsible for our state to ensure that peer needs and views are accurately presented in NAMI press releases that imply peer endorsement.

Again, it is not proper for me to send this email to the NAMI mailing list in your original forward, and you have my professional assurance I will never use the NAMI New Mexico mailing list (although there is unavoidable overlap with my professional behavioral health mailing lists) for these sorts of responses.

Kindest regards,

Steve Bringe
President, DBSA Albuquerque
Committee Member, Mental Health Response Advisory Committee (MHRAC)
Executive Board Member, Bernalillo County Forensic Intervention Consortium (BCFIC)
Board Member, Crisis Intervention Team, Inc.
Former Chair, NAMI Albuquerque Peer Action Team