Looky looky, I’ve got an excellent treatment team at the ready, gauging my sanity, on high alert at all times to ensure the world doesn’t lose someone so interesting and useful as I.

The qualification necessary to comment knowingly on my mental well-being is:

1.) You are in my life and I’ve noticed you.

2.) You’ve shown you care for me by taking time to know me.

3..) Same likewise of me of you.

4.) You aren’t a faceless, nameless eunuch who willing castristrated individual thought and ethic to a man less tban a man.

For me, you otherwise are like a raisin, merely a humiliated grape suited for not much more than oatmeal, trail mix, or a flicking projectile in a theater boringly watching Michael Bay’s latest cinematic abortion that fittingly looks like a raisin.

Hear you me.

I nothing you.

Peace out. Go now and nary an about face, Raisin.