I forgot how much Mike Fox is totally likeable. Even in this flick with pleated trousers to the belly button for the men and mom jeans above the belly button for the women. And a pet pig.

I aspire to be Mike Fox. This includes the fortitude to live unapologetically with a very public ailment.

Hey, I kinda do this already. And contrary to the unapologetic bile of a nothing minority, I’m quite affable to people who enjoy petting wombats and people who live by the motto “Stigma Is Temporary.”

And, Mike gets to be wooed by Danny Elfman’s future wife.

Hey, I noticed only nI’m ow this flck is PG 13 with full boobage on the screen and Mike saying “fuck” a few times. And in recently watched Euro Trip, full boobage got the self-referential “There’s your R rating” from character Cooper.

How different 1991 rating is from 2004 rating.

I’m so polite, I’m the Elevtor Man, who’s going down?