Recently, I’ve stumbled upon a core human truth: It’s easier to blame everyone but yourself. No eye-opener here, no more than picking at the scab of a week-old mosquito bite.

An even deeper core human truth is circle-jerk blame mitigates any emotional liability with greater effectiveness and success than simply blaming everyone but yourself, akin to digging into your thigh with a red hot Ginsu knife to core out the family of Schistosoma haematobium feasting upon the tender thigh flesh where if you take a cross section and count the rings, we can determine how many years you’ve been enjoying Cool Ranch Doritos. Ah! More interesting! Read on!

How comforting it is being told you are right just like I am right and just like he is right and just like she is right and just like everyone here today is right! And what are we right about? That none of us are to blame! Let’s see… who is to blame? Let’s all agree and meet back here tomorrow.

If I didn’t know stuff about things I would mistake this for a climatology symposium at the Sacramento Sheraton and not the waiting room of a marginal-mortality rate former tuberculosis sanatorium.

You see, what’s nice about blame is you needn’t be at fault to be blamed. And the more folks in collusion, the grander the illusion.

For me, any discomfort, guilt, remorse, regret, fear and grieving is my own. And that helps me feel good about me. These are real emotions my heart has given to me as a gift. A gift that blooms from an even greater gift I received: Unconditional love.

The same, can it be said about circle-jerk reinforcement of misdirected, disowned emotions? That sounds like decades of unproductive therapy to me, and such a poor allotment of mental health resources considering the shortage of BH providers in the US of A. For shame, shameless heathens! Own it!

Bon chance, n’êtes pas mes amis et jamais été mes amis… par mon choix.

– Pour ma petite amie, pour toujours.

Oh, c’mon, dude. I got to be snarky here and there, and there and here, every so often. It’ll be a very boring book if I don’t let me be me. And I got to remember there’s something to be said for accountability, my own and in particular select others. Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel!