The girl I’m taking out tonight does not have a Facebook page. She has not had a Facebook previously. She is the one person on the planet that Zuckerberg knows nothing about… so much so that I will not reveal her name here.

I dropped by the store and she was asking me about Facebook (we’d had this discussion for about a month now), and while I did warn of the hazards of “real time gossip” and the obsessive checking of the profile to glean this mostly negative sluff, I also told her that if you are selective of who you included in your “friends” list it is actually fun and informative and a good way to keep up with family and friends who matter.

So she said, “You’re going to have to show me how to sign up and how to use Facebook and add me to your friends list and…” I cut her short there and said, “Oh, you know, I forgot to tell you. Facebook closed forever just this morning. That is so sad.” (this will be my blog later… I just wanted to get it down somewhere so I don’t forget it)