I’ve been having a lovely chin wag with my pal in England. She has been so very supportive and encouraging of my recovery journey for years upon years now, and today I texted her some insight to how I feel about “Why can’t I be stronger than this? Why do I have to take meds? Why do I need therapy? Why can’t I be stronger?”

This is how I answered myself/her:

I’ll tell you something. For me, for the longest time, I told myself “I should be stronger than this!” Not just with meds. With all of it. Mind over matter. It took a LONG time to realize that I am strong, and that a malfunctioning organ is a malfunctioning organ. I wouldn’t expect myself to just will diabetes away, that if I tried just a little harder I could get an amputated leg to grow back. […] Or, hey, why am I so weak? If I just buckled down, I wouldn’t have to be blind. Ha!

Dedicated to Claire