I’ve been thinking a lot about what skills I have and what skills to share with the world. I state this in global terms because one thing that I’ve come to understand is the way I approach life makes these two concepts one. It’s been what’s driven me, it’s been what I’ve tapped into to accomplish those things that are borne of my passions.

What I keyed in on was idealism. I live my life in defiance of limitation.

Tonight I recognized – during a 2.5 hour conversation with Clare – that it’s limits people place on themselves that impede matching the magnitude of their passions with the success of reaching their goals. Of these limitations, there are two that are crucial in an even rationality betwixt.

1.) Not thinking expansively.
2.) Asking for permission to do what is right.

There was a counselor once who stated I was a sociopath because of these qualities and beliefs, that laws and rules apply to everyone in a society and I don’t get to pick and choose which to follow. I ditched her because I didn’t fancy arguing with a person I’m paying for guidance in acquiring insight that she’s wrong about me.

Anyway, these are limits that I strive to avoid, and after MHRAC tonight and more importantly after talking with Clare about her day, it really sank in how true it is that these beliefs are central to matching my passions with reaching my dreams.

And by the by, Clare lives in defiance of limitation. It’s refreshing knowing someone who doesn’t think I’m chock full o’ nuts for my flavor of idealism.

It’s working quite well, thanks.

– Pour Clare.