Words like “audacity” and “hubris” and “You stepped over boundaries” are words that are fairly commonly used for what I do and how I do things, and the letter that I sent out last evening is going to fall very much in line with just that. I’m okay with that because I feel empowered for the first time in a long time because I’ve learned you don’t have to actually be at fault to be blamed. That is the misguided, unjust, unwarranted attempted action for me to shoulder. Well, the hurtin’ runs off my shoulders on this attempt.

Yet, you can also really, truly be at fault and really, truly be blamed, a concept deemed “accountability”.

The happy, useful confluence of giving Clare a voice and myself a voice in one letter is magical.

There may be rumblings of “audacity” and “not knowing my place,” and if so, mission accomplished. Accountability is amongst the world’s bitterest pills and I prefer administering it as a large, basketball-sized, ungreased, and uncomfortable suppository.

PW: Clare1986