Blowing dust from my loud-hailer on the roof…

Year’s end is reflection time, where promises are made to oneself and one is merely lying to oneself. I don’t go in for that stuff. My New Year’s Resolution is to forgo empty promises of self-improvement and insincere platitudes of personal betterment. So there.

What I prefer to do as 2016 struggles to hold on for just one more day is to treat myself to an observation. Something that hopefully is profound and is often simply quirky. I’ll decide which later. Here is my 2016 observation.

It’s said that you shouldn’t burn bridges. If you’re not in the know, this idiom means don’t make it so contacts or friendships or alliances or collaborations that don’t work out are never again possible. Essentially, you’re telling people to fuck off and get out of your life – indefinitely.

Burning bridges is considered a bad thing by default. My observation says differently.

Burning bridges is neither good nor bad, only necessary or unnecessary, useful or worthless, liberating or impeding.

For me, burning bridges is necessary, useful, and liberating when I have no intention of retracing my steps and I’m sick to the gills of the person on the other bank pestering me, following me, and inhibiting me.

That is my 2016 observation that is also an applicable tool as I move forward with peer advocacy and life in both general and specific. Feel free to steal it.

(Something Razzie and I tell our dog Slater with great regularity is “It’s not all about you.” Paranoia and borderline personality disorder, commence!)