APPENDIX A: Why Trump is Not the Candidate I’m Voting For

I’m not voting for Trump as our POTUS, and it’s fair for me to share why I feel as I do about Donald Trump as a political candidate. My issue with Donald Trump is he’s silly, and he chooses to ignore basic critical thinking skills that make for a worthwhile leader.

When in the wake of the two journalists killed on live TV in Virginia he shares with CNN that…

“This isn’t a gun problem, this is a mental problem. It’s not a question of the laws, it’s really the people”,

and then offers the bizarre historical context of…

“In the old days they had mental institutions for people like this because he was really, definitely borderline and definitely would have been and should have been institutionalized. At some point somebody should have seen that, I mean the people close to him should have seen it”,

and then offers the odd projected supposition…

“I guarantee you there are a couple of people that knew this man that did the killing yesterday that probably said, ‘Wow he’s really got problems I mean he really should be institutionalized’”,

…as a mental health peer I have to question if some of the pills I take daily might benefit Donald Trump in exploring these basic critical thinking skills necessary for a worthwhile leader. Without my meds, my reasoning skills become suspect as well.

It might be unsavory to liken these observations of Trump’s absurd statements to the … historically interesting … early twentieth century medical text “Vitalogy”, mainly because “Vitalogy” was written in an era of acceptable Social Darwinism (read: eugenics) and it’s too easy to make the intellectually lazy leap of logic that “Trump is Hitler”. That’s a stupid analogy and don’t take my reflections out of context, please.

Still, listening to Trump’s incorrect analysis on CNN, I can’t help getting that same creepy, itchy feeling I get when reading the section in “Vitalogy” on mental illness and “degenerates.” Here is an illustrative excerpt:


In any city or town one has not far to go to find young men with a more or less slouchy gait, low forehead, chin narrow, jaw widening rapidly until it becomes prominent under the ear, eyes near together, and generally restless, receding forehead and chin, back of head almost in line with the back of the neck ; etc. Such a man, even though of pleasing address, will prove to be cruel, selfish, heartless, liable to fail in business or commit some crime, if a workman, likely to engage in strikes and frequently out of work.

They are degenerates in whom the natural mental qualities are illy developed and who are sadly deficient in that most important of all qualities, self-control. They are like an engine without a safety-valve or balance wheel. They may run all right for a time, but trouble is sure to come before long.

So it is with the degenerate. He may make a fairly good appearance for a time, but it is not in him to do well. He, too, will cause trouble. To a careful observer, the signs of degeneracy are always apparent, and such persons should be shunned for companions […]”

“Vitalogy” was originally published in 1903. Perhaps these are the “old days” Trump cites with such uncritical fondness.

I’m a solutions guy. So, what can Donald Trump do to win my vote?

1.) Don’t shoot handsome actor James Woods in the face.

2.) Eat more dietary fiber, like the 11% of your daily recommended allowance you get in every serving of Cheerios.

3.) Require Trump to give the PSA “Mental Illness Does Not Equal Violence” before every public appearance.

This might suffice in lieu of his underdeveloped critical thinking skills, if only to bolster his credibility amongst peers very marginally.

That’s about it. I’m probably going to vote for my Dad as POTUS for the third election in a row. Peace out.