Today, I needed to be at the 2nd Judicial District Court by 8:45 AM. I was up at 6:30, set to go, and as I pull out of my garage I feel the sickening realization my back right tire was flat. Out of the truck I go and verified I ran over a screw and my tire is now flat. Worse yet, it was hardware I spilled on the garage floor trying to clean up a bit last night that provided the necessary screw. Fook.

So, I finally fixed the flat tire and jetted to the court house. I called the court house number to tell them I’m on my way and the nice lady who answered said, “They can’t hold the hearing for you. If you don’t get hear we file a bench warrant for non-appearance.”

Crap… Crap crap crap. I jetted, and when I got close to the court house, I cut across Marble east from 6th (6th St goes exclusively south) to turn into a fee parking lot I know of near the Subway at 6th and Lomas. Guess what? I almost hit a cop driving out of the parking lot. Fook.

Okay, onward. The cop flashed his lights and beckoned me over. He told me that downtown there are a lot of streets that run one way. I kinda knew that, but my mind was wild on
“bench warrant.” I made huge apologies, totally owned my mistake, and asked if I could have a warning please please please please… explaining my situation, and he recognized me from CIT. “Do I know you?” he said. “Yep, I trained you at CIT.” and he said “Someone should train you to drive.” I earned that. He gave me a warning and I bolted fast. Bench warrant. Fook.

So two other things happened in that parking lot. First, I forgot to pay the three bucks and they do boot cars there. Second, when I came down from my meeting in the court house, I noticed I parked next to a car I’m not supposed to be parking next to. FOOK FOOK FOOK FOOK FOOKING FOOK!!!!!!

No boot, no bench warrant, no violation, no traffic ticket. Dude, things worked out okay. I’m totally knackered now, though. Peace out.

I’m going to talk about Hooke’s constant and springs in the next blog. Yep. It’s gonna be a geek blog. Be tuned, stay warned.