A man and woman are in a romantic relationship that becomes less romantic and more a hatredic relationship. The days leading up to the dissolution of the relationship are very different for men and women. Let me illustrate:


  • Day 1: “If we break up, will we still be friends?”
  • Day 2: “We have joint accounts at the bank and on Etsy. If we breakup, shouldn’t we get that sorted ahead of time?”
  • Day 3: “Did you want to keep the cats if we break up? Can we visit the cats if the other person gets the cats?”Day 4: “If we break up, will be able to still go to the same pottery class? I really like that pottery class.”
  • Day 5: “Maybe we should start looking at different pottery classes, you know, just in case we break up.”
  • Day 6: “We really haven’t been happy for a long time, have we? Maybe we should break up.”
  • Day 7: “I’m breaking up with you.”


  • Within the first twenty seconds: “I’ve been sleeping with your roommate for the past three months. Consider us broken up. This is all weird… you should probably look for a new apartment.”