At our last peer focus group following the monthly MHRAC (Mental Health Response Advisory Committee) meeting, several peers asked me “Why is MHRAC even a thing?”

The CASA (City of Albuquerque Settlement Agreement) with the Department of Justice is a document we’ve covered a few times in Stage One discussions, and we’ll be covering more of the CASA in detail in relation to SOP and training reviews in the coming months.

To answer the question “Why is MHRAC even a thing?”, let me share a website a friend sent me earlier this year.

APD Under Fire – Incident Summaries

This Albuquerque Journal article collates (fairly objectively) the APD incidents that brought about the DOJ-APD settlement (CASA), and as we’ve discussed, MHRAC is one part of this settlement.

We can include this article in future discussions, reviews, and recommendations for me to take to MHRAC meetings.

Best of mental health to you,