No matter how good a show, no matter how stupendous the actng, no matter how lauded Breaking Bad was presented to me, I chose not to watch the show.

It is a television show about drug culture.

My friend Mat would tell me, “It’s more than just that. There is character development, there are unique plot arcs, there is this, there is that.. it’s so much more than the drug culture.”

To which I ask, “Does the show concern manufacturing and selling meth? Then it is about the drug culture and I choose not to watch Breaking Bad.”

With more explanation, I lost a woman I love to meth. So, it is painful to watch a show about the world that stole her from me. Especially since the show is filmed here in Albuquerque.

Clare often said to me:

I know you don’t like Breaking Bad. You are my Walter White, though. You’re too smart for your own good sometimes. And I love you for it.”

One day, I asked Clare if she had the DVDs. All seasons, she replied.

And I lay with her, and I held her, and I felt safe with her, and I watched Breaking Bad.

I felt safe with Clare.

This is huge.

We made it to part way through season three. That’s all the more I’ll see of Breaking Bad.

Feeling safe is so important, and I felt safe with Clare from Day One.