My recovery journey is mine to unfold and yours to behold.

Imagine my immense displeasure of “Missing her and loving her so much it literally hurts.”

Place this together. 0.2 Potassium level, with 3.8 considered far too low.

I went to urgent care because my muscles became not only weak, they also became unresponsive.

Imagine heading to Pres Downtown ER because I was under the misconception “Pres has the best ER neurologists.”

Imagine being told “Do an MRI but it won’t show anythng.”

Imagine being yanked out of the MRI, slapping a heart monitor, collapsing, blacking out, and waking up on the 7th floor, the Cardiac Unit… er….

Read up on dangerously low K, sudden cardiac arrest, and the type of person who gets hit with this and why.

I can literally state “I miss you so much it hurts, Clare.”

You think I enjoy this new walking toy? Barely able to get in a car much less drive one? Muscles that all but quit on me from such sadness and sorrow, emotion over one’s own body? Top that.