What I say is not “overshare.” It’s “What you say makes me uncomfortable because I’m a prude with no friends.” Own it.

Good Intentions coupled with Incorrect Information produces Benevolent Ignorance.

Completing “Hua Hua” helps immensely with the American conceit of closure. With trusty uke Josie the tune lifts & livens moving on.

I said to my sis “I don’t recall Maddy having as much ink.” Sis: “What does it say?” I was reading her in the dark in Braille, sis.

A bully never stops bullying until a bigger bully bullies them back. Be thankful I use my powers for good, Earthlets.

With Clare, I felt safe enough to watch Breaking Bad. We made it to season three. That’s as far as I get into the show.

I’m pleased explaining one interpretation of the First Amendment has scooted off a few pests watching what upset them (my channel)

I strongly believe all politicians have toilet paper with their face on each individual sheet so they can lick their own arse.

Question answered, Beverly?

Accepting your compassion, companionship, and company is NOT the same as “dating.” So we understand each other.

I recall fondly Belinda Carlisle starring as Sandy in the Long Beach Civic Light Opera production of “Grease.”

From adversity comes wisdom.

I totally flaked on giving away the Hollywood Undead tix I got for me and Clare. Guest list, too. Crap. Wasted tix.

Flaked on giving away the Jimmy Eat World tix for me and Clare, too. Guest list, too. Crap. Wasted tix.

With hypokalemia, I’ve discovered that this bipedal shit is a joke. We’re right on the brink of total disaster with every step. You don’t see dogs or horses or wombats unexpectedly stumbling face-first into the laundry room door.. I’m starting to question my decision to graduate from crawling as a baby to walking for the remainder of my life.

“I drank what now?”

– Socrates

Cool beans! Bev digs “Blanket” and was able to get the words once set to music.

This XFiles Fight The Future flick is kind of not good at all.

I was driving my car
I crashed and broke my spine
So, yes, there are things worse in life than never being someone’s sweetie

For those adept at pointing an accusatory finger, I have one question for you:
Where were you?

Watching Die Hard…. I recall the red smoggy skies of Los Angeles from the 80s and actors smoking. Cool.

National Treasiure 2 is more of an Indiana Jones movie than Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Sad.

Words like audacity and hubris and I stepped over boundaries are words that are fairly commonly used for what I do and how I do things and the letter that I sent out last evening is going to fall very much in line with just that. I’m okay with that because I feel empowered for the first time in a long time because I’vre learned you don’t have to actually be at fault to be blamed.. Yet, you can also really be at fault and be blamed, a concept deemed “accountability”.

The happy, useful confluence of giving Clare a voice and myself a voice in one letter is magical. There may be rumblings of”audacity” and “not knowing my place,” and if so, mission accomplished. Accountability is amongst the world’s bitterest pills and I prefer administering it as a large, uncomfortable suppository.