Happy National Doughnut Day! There’s no need to go into a ton of exposition. Detective Matthew Tinney, winner of the “Universe’s Most Cliche Cop Award” three years running, walked in to Kripsy Kreme behind me and Razzie today.

Matt has been chastised many times by his Brethren In Blue for consuming copious planetary mass-units of doughnuts brazenly in public. At FIC. At MHRAC. At CIT training. At any spatial point in our universe and every multiverse he can peek into on his tippy-toes. I’m just sayin’.

Speaking of tippy-toes, here is Matt dreaming of vertical superiority. It’s fun to pretend.

Chris is looking wonderful, as is the newest of the Tinney Clan. Matt, not so much. He’s looking puffy, as if filled with doughnuts.

Happy National Doughnut Day!