Today.. I met with my attorney for the “pre-deposition” run down before the real thing on Monday. This consisted of watching a short dvd of do’s and do not;s which was all pretty common sense stuff. Still, it was worth the time and was a very good primer for facing off against opposing counsel who are going to attempt to rattle me and get me to say stuff in absolutes or catch me in inconsistencies.

My attorney (Brady Pofahl, highly recommended for those with mental health concerns in a stressful litigation environment) went over his role in the deposition, and then went over his take in how opposing counsel will behave. All good stuff.

Here’s the super cool part:

I’m not at all nervous or concerned.

I’ve squared off against attorneys at behavioral health meetings. I’ve told APD officers in training stuff they didn’t want to hear but needed to hear. I’ve publicly scorned state and federal senators at town hall meetings.

Monday, it’s just a couple of lawyers who are going to arguing about a sign that hit me in the back of the head at Walgreens while I was sitting waiting for a script to be filmed. All caught on video. If you see the video, it’s quite distressing, It was a big sign, the type used to screen flu shots. Unanchored to the floor, and very very heavy. Ouch.

I have no concerns about Monday. Funny thing about  APD is their psychiatrist whom I’ve been collaborating with for three years at that point asked what type of law I practiced. Telling Nils I wasn’t a lawyer, he replied , “Well, you always out-lawyer the lawyers at the meetings. We all thought you were a lawyer.”

Hubris will be my  downfall, but not before Monday. I’m not at all nervous or concerned.