After Clare passed away, I wasn’t certain what would become of her Facebook page. When my friend Pam passed on in 2012, her family chose to remove her Facebook account, and they let me know that if there was anything she posted I wanted to save for myself, I would have a few days to take screenshots. I’m really glad I did. It’s been six years since Pam died, and I have those screenshots to this day. It’s a part of Pam that would have died with her.

So, not knowing if Clare’s account would be taken down, I went through and took screenshots of all the time, fun, and love we had together, and all the photos and words we shared about each other with our friends and families on Facebook. Collected here are some of my favorites. And from the words of her family and friends shared on Facebook, it really warms me to the bottom of my bottomless my heart they recognize how happy we were together, and how good I was for her and how good she was for me.

Words alone cannot describe my gratitude for the love, support, and acceptance Clare’s family and friends have shown me and continue to show me, for their actions speak volumes as well. You have my heartfelt promise I’ll continue to share with you the love she and I so effortlessly shared, and with the world as well here on the interweb, in the billions of stories and billions upon billions of photos I have yet to post. Please don’t be concerned; I only shared a few screenshots from her Facebook page on this post, and I have dozens more still to post. You guys are the best kind of people!