I’ve been in this house for nearly 23 years. That’s a long time to go with the same cheap-arse lighting fixtures Sivage Thomas installed as a way of cutting down on the cost of materials . . . which also made my abode affordable as a starter home way back when. Little did I realize at the time that a divorce from my demon-filled ex-wife would transform this little abode into my home of nearly 23 years. And I like it here, except for the cheap-arse lighting fixtures.

I’m nearly complete upgrading the lighting fixtures through a combination of Restore purchases and “AdultLegos” creations of my own making. I’m two fixtures away from completing the upgrades, at which time I’ll do a blog to itself showcasing my upgrades. It’s way gnarly and is helping my home take on a whole new photonic-feel.

There is one upgrade I did that displeased Clare just a little, although I couldn’t tell why when she said “I like it, it looks vintage” I heard “Why did you change it? I like it the way it was.” There is an answer to be revealed as a “Now You Know the Rest of the Story” moment henceforth.

Clare was an artist. You might not have realized this because her artistry was so subtle yet so bold that when you looked into her eyes the artistry looked back at you. Clare was way talented with her eye makeup. And for that process to be a bit easier, she required light. And she liked the vanity lighting in the bathroom just the way it was.

Since the vanity lighting in our bathroom is already replaced, I snuck into my kid’s bathroom and took a snap of his lighting fixture for before/after effect.

This is the crap lighting that came with the house… that as it happens is much better for putting on makeup.


So here’s the upgraded lighting.

Look at the light on the right. It’s tilted to the left, not straight down… and it’s brighter than the other two lightbulbs. Note that the right side of the sink is Clare’s side of the sink.

Photographic Evidence Exhibit 01


Photographic Evidence Exhibit 02


Photographic Evidence Exhibit 03


Of course, Clare found a clever way to get the bright lighting she preferred for her makeup regimen, and that spoke to her feeling right at home at my home . . . our home. Of this I am glad.

And with her artistic acumen on display, dude, cut a hole in the roof if it helps you, Hua Hua.

I only noticed the lighting bright & tilt remodel at the end of January, 2018, a couple months after Clare passed away. Of this I am glad. Little things here and there to remind me of the life I had with Clare Clarissa Nina Castellano.

Sly little minx. I’m not going to change the lighting back. I find it’s great for getting a sunburn on the right side of my furless dome.

By the by, nothing wrong, ain’t stopping. All is love and love is fine, let it flow.