Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away . . .

It’s been some time since I posted any new tales of my life with Clare accompanied by the nearly 2,000 photos I have of her/us/things we did. What I noticed is I was posting a lot of downbeat tales reflecting my mood, and that’s not the life we had by and large, large and by.

Now that I’ve begun dating again (without feeling like I’m cheating on Clare … it’s been a long road, baby baby), and not just recklessly bouncing around romantically, it feels like the right time to start posting some fun gigs and clambakes that made our short time together so funky cool. My mood is in the right place again.

There will be some not so savory tales that speak to a reality important to her early demise and the reasons leading to early demise, and these will be judiciously composed because Clare was a peer, unbeknownst to most in her life. Her challenges I feel will help other peers when expressed correctly, because amongst her challenges were so many triumphs of spirit, strength, and constitution.

Clare and I own these stories. Once again, and preemptively, if reading my blog makes you unhappy, then don’t come here. But do come to my book signing. Vomiting Rainbows and Other Pointless Regurgitation is nearly ready to send to publishers. I’ll sign your book, “Don’t read this if it’s going to upset you. Kindest regards, Steve.”

I think the first one I’ll talk about will be our visit to the Painted Desert Inn since there’s a great video to go with it.

Stay tuned. Same Hua Hua time, Same Hua Hua channel.