“Age appropriate” is thrown into nearly every initial conversation about my choice of girlfriends. Let’s take my last verifiable “serious” relationship, which was with Clare.

There was an age disparity some found unsavory. I would point out one of our favorite movies, “Silver Linings Playbook” and the two lead characters, Tiffany and Pat. We often called each other Tiffany and Pat for funsies. The two leads, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, in real life, have EXACTLY the same age divide Clare and I did. And no one sharted their Forever 21 peplum over Bradley and Jennifer.

I prefer women with a similar passion and idealism towards life as I possess. That they happen to be younger enough to garner comment is inconsequential. Love is love, and love has a propensity to being blind to the inconsequential.

It probably helps I still look 35-ish
act 5-ish.

Your face is age appropriate. So there.