CPSW & LMSW . . . Let’s have a pizza and talk about things we don’t want that we really do want.

I knew what this image meant, even all the way in Española where I was weeping openly. You see, Clare and I were supposed to take the one week of training with me out of town to decide if we were going to be a couple. She called the first day and said it wasn’t a good idea because “she’s a runner when things get good.” Whatever. I cried. And her image (from her Facecook before it was deleted a month ago) showed a similar blow to the heart.

I decided that it would be too hard for me to be near her and not be able to hold her in my arms, So on the way back from Espanola, stopping roughly every ten miles to cry, I decided to end my time with her and move on with my life without her.

Things were very different when I got home and two broken hearts collided into one. Of course, I knew what this image meant, too.

Clare asked of this texted image she took specifically for me, “This is a photo of me I actually like. What do you think?”

I recall stating something to the effect of, “You’re stunning. I’d walk a thousand miles barefoot through medical waste just to stand in your trash.”

It’s charming. Not creepy. Go bite a shaved wombat, you bitter, cynical curmudgeon weenie. We ended up falling in love, you cretin.  Charming. Clare Clarissa Nina Castellano. You should be so lucky.