Check out this noise. I don’t want to forget what made Clare such a lovely, darling, wonderful woman. And I’m dedicated to archiving stories of our time together, at Steve’s Thoughtcrimes, because I don’t want to forget the emotion with the narrative.

Some say “You’re hung up on your dead girlfriend.” I say “I very much enjoy hummus milkshakes.” Both statements are untrue. I evolved as a person being with Clare, and seeing as I’m writing “Vomiting Rainbows and Other Reguritated Nonsense” diligently and every day, it’s irresponsible to neglect archiving every last detail of my time with her, seeing as it is pivotal detail for my recovery journey.

Synopsis: I miss Clare, I love Clare, I know I won’t see her for awhile, she is an important person in my recovery journey, I’m writing my book, Thoughtcrimes is my archive, I’m NOT hung up on her.

Addendum 1: Strawberry shortcake made with glazed donut rocks.

Addendum 2: Get a grip and read the First Amendment. It gives me the right to publish what I want and gives you the right not to have to read if it is upsetting to you.

Addendum 3: I know my madskillz with SEO is annoying. The adage “The victors write the history” can be updated to “He who masters SEO writes the history.” I’ll compete for all that I’m worth. It’s sexy.

Addendum 4: Some of the stuff I’m writing is emotionally destructive. Really, don’t read it if it upsets you. But do please come to the book signing where I’ll personalize your signing with “Really, don’t read this book if it’s going to upset you. No refunds.”