Daily there are friends on Facebook commenting on release from “Facebook Jail” and needing to create new accounts due to Facebook overreach. Reading my friends’ posts, the content is no more or less contentious as content I share. Whatever the difference, I kinda would like to know what Facebook Jail feels like.

Here goes:

Facebook fact Checkers bugger kittens before lustily devouring their faces off whilst the kittens still breathe. This is a result of attending terrorist mostly peaceful protests as well as agreeing to cerebral microchipping by Bill Gates. Vaccines kill everyone who takes them and the coverup of election fraud is real and it was the BLM who stormed the capitol building and Qanon is right about everything and masks are a muzzle on truth and everything the CDC says is on direct orders from Fauci and Fauci gets money from China and Biden shutting down the Keystone Pipeline is because of Hunter Biden’s Ukraine scandal and the US-Mexico border is wide open to let in more fraudulent Democrat voters and Mark Zuckerberg is plotting to nuke the unborn transgender whales as an offering to his Dark Lord Santa Claws.

This is 100% accurate and I believe this 100%.

Oh, and Pelosi was definitely NOT set up by the hairdresser and Biden is a gross public sniffer who is senile and goofy.