My pal Matthew Bowdish is keeping tabs on how often the Biden camp lids his campaign, especially in the early morning.

Biden’s mental health is of great concern to Americans. If not a democrat, it’s skepticism in choosing an unfit candidate to represent the party. If a democrat, it’s concern over the perception of middle-of-the-road swing voters (like me) who perhaps question the authenticity of the democratic party.

These continuous Biden lids are telling, and if the democratic party is betting on Harris to be attractive as the “real” POTUS candidate – and if the democratic party pulls an 11th hour bait and switch – as an independent voter I’ll share this is dishonest and I question a political party using such blatant deception to earn my vote.

If Harris is the bet, change it up now or risk swing voters backing Trump. As a registered independent, a last minute hail mary would be insulting and turn me off to voting democrat.