I usually chuck my fortune cookie fortune on to a plate being taken back to the kitchen for washing. I eat about half the cookie and remember I really don’t like the taste of them. It’s like cardboard soaked in honey and sun dried in the fortune cookie shape. Perhaps I should have read this recent fortune, which undoubtedly read:

The Universe is really going to screw with you for the next month or two. Enjoy!

I’m not going to go through every funky instance of today. What I am going to do is simply and elegantly tell you I’ve been out attorney shopping. And when I went to the law office of the attorney who got me through my divorce (Barbara Arbuckle), because of the way ART has messed up Central I had to weasel my way back to the building on side streets and blocked off streets (blocked by ART construction).

There is underground parking there … rather, the first floor is parking and the second and third floors sit atop the parking, so that makes it very shady, much like underground parking except not underground. The parking is actually at street level, and I believe for it to be underground parking the parking spaces must be below street level, where it is perpetually shady.

It’s a pretty tight turn into the not-underground-first-floor parking lot at the building, so I chose to park street-side and walk down to the law office. I pull up behind a vehicle, and it’s a vehicle I recognize from many many many years ago named “Ladybug.” I won’t reveal the make, model, or why the car is named “Ladybug” because I don’t want to reveal exactly where the owner of this car lives.

Want to hear whose car it is I recognized, whose car it was I was parking directly behind on the curb? Here goes …

Ladybug belongs to Carlee.

Yep, that girl I’ve been talking about, the one who I wrote a touching letter to her, thanking her for believing in me all the way back when my first advocacy task was redesigning the DBSA Albquerque website. She believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. That made a huge difference in my life. Huge.

However … after we broke up she got a little off and claimed I was stalking her and that there were infrared cameras around her place of residence catching me lurking about. This is false on all accounts. She also called APD a few times for 10-40 on me (by now you should know I have bipolar, etc.), and a few times the 10-40 included insisting on checking on the welfare of my pet rabbits, too. It wasn’t the cleanest of breakups, so very sadly. Truth told, I miss having her in my life.

Still, here I was parking behind Ladybug, and I started thinking, “Crap, I just wrote her a ‘thank you for believing in me’ email, which she did not reply to (if I was her I wouldn’t have replied, either), and now I’m pulling up behind her car.” I started flipping out a touch but then remembered I don’t have the same vehicle as I did when we were a couple, so no harm, no foul. I just had to be very quick walking past her place of residence to the law office.

I promise, I was going to the law office. Barbara has retired. I went attorney shopping elsewhere. And, I was very very very careful to make sure Carlee didn’t see me turning around and leaving the street she lives on now. My rabbits and I are quite happy without 10-40 calls again. Joke, I hope.

So, yeah, the Universe is having fun with me. If you knew why I was attorney shopping, dude, you’ll understand why I’m very very very tired, need emotional detox, and why I shouldn’t have let myself be roped back in as President of DBSA Albuquerque when we received the letter from National stating we weren’t a chapter and haven’t been since January 31, 2017. With the education programs and such we’ve got going on, we absolutely MUST be a chapter and have been operating under false pretenses (unknowingly). Board members from last year and I chose to work with National and get all proper paper work to fulfill affiliation with DBSA National …

Okay, I’m getting into another story that my attorney will say, “Delete it!” so I’ll save this next chapter for another time. How to close this? Here we go. It appears the Universe intends for me to be on a constant quest for the next ex-Mrs. Bringe.

That says it all. Nice seeing Ladybug again. I used to drive her around the wilds of New Mexico with Carlee. Good times, good memories. Good place to stop.