There are two camps of folks who advocate censorship.

Camp 1 are the nefarious ones who use censorship to manipulate and control. Think Twitter 1.0 and Twitter 1.0 collaborators. Naughty folks, these Camp 1 campers.

Camp 2 are simple people with no wants or whims beyond civility. They use censorship to make people talk nice to each other and manufacture sterile conversation where no one’s feelings get hurt.

Both camps are misguided. Censorship is bad, very bad, always bad. However, Camp 2’s motivations are purer of heart, the champions of enforced fragility. It’s mostly harmless, with no Orwellian dystopia prediction of a world enslaved to Kleenex production.

Not all censorship is created equal, and even though a main goal of censorship is to extinguish nuance, we can still access the cultural sensitivity to recognize a hall monitor might be wearing a brown shirt by coincidence only.