It’s been a week and this public Facebook post – by a provider who mental health peers depend upon – continues to bother me. A lot.

Withholding medical treatment to prove an ethical point… even if this provider was “only joking”, using COVID-19 in a context so openly mean-spirited shows an absolute lack of professionalism and mirrors exactly the ilk of intolerance he claims to detest.

While the provider does not name Christians – as the target of his tactical bullying in this one post – when compared to previous Facebook posts over the span of several years, the topics and context are decidedly aligned with posts where Christians are berated, chastised, and insinuated as Americans who disagree with his hateful ideologies and are therefore lesser and unworthy of base hunanity.

I’ve purposely held back this provider’s name for the well-established fear he might retaliate against friends and fellow peer advocates who partner with me in the community. And as a professional courtesy, I purposely chose only to include a screen capture of his wholly inappropriate words so bots can’t capture his actual words for archiving.

My personal impression is this provider is not joking and is recuiting other like-minded persons who rally for inclusion while simultaneously marginalizing Christians. I expect only the best from my providers. Shame on you, provider.