This is incredibly difficult, this dynamic of – for my own life – walking away and fearing the woman I care for will end her life as she has tried already. The hubris of feeling responsible is excrutiating.

Edit: A friend just begged me to reach out.

I did. I called for a welfare check.

I’ve asked our mutual acquaintances not to involve me, and don’t pass messages from her through them. A text I received yesterday stated she would kill herself if I ever left her and I should take this seriously.

I take this absolutely seriously. My own life needs to take prescedent. I feel like an asshole saying this.

The request to the call center is to contact both my ex-gf and the mutual acquaintance who continues to bait me into being involved.

I hate this in every way.


An additional friend weighed in.

I hope she’s ok, but sometimes there’s times when you’ve also got to let the ill person finally learn how to use their own coping mechanisms. I dig deep into my psychological tool kit when I feel like this, I’ll go for a walk, so rational thought exercises, challenge my thoughts with DBT etc… sometimes you’ve got to stop waiting for people torun after you & safe you #selfhelp

She works very hard on her self-care and treatment. I’m very proud of her.

I hope I’m wrong feeling that people other than her are being manipulative or even punitive towards me. It’s best to allow the operator at the call center sort this out.